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Pacific Harvest Seafood


Pacific Harvest Seafood Inc. represents seafood packers and Native tribes from Alaska, Canada and Washington State. We specialize in all species from the Washington, Canadian, and Alaskan coasts including salmon, crab, halibut, black cod, and clams.

We are fully HACCP compliant, RFM and MSC certified. Much of our business is in fresh fish and live crab sales, throughout North America. We are also very involved in high volume domestic and export sales of frozen seafood.

Your Resource

Planning for product availability, pricing, and scheduling raises many questions. When to buy? What to buy? How much to pay? These are all issues that can spell success or failure. New seafood buyers and old pro’s alike can depend on us for quick and accurate answers.




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Pacific Harvest Seafood Inc.
1800 NE 44th Street, #200
Renton, WA 98056
ph. 425-254-1544
fax 425-255-1251