Crab and Shellfish

King Crab


Paralithodes camtschaticus


King crabs are large crabs found in the northern waters of the Pacific Ocean, from Alaska to northern Japan. King crabs usually average 6 to 8 pounds each  King crab is landed and immediately processed into sections which are made up of the shoulder, legs and claws, they are also called clusters.


These bulk packed sections are the basic product from which all other king crab products are made.

40 lb. Bulk Ocean Run Clusters
20 lb. single leg and claw, size graded




Dungeness Crab

Dungeness Crab

Washington Coast
November 15 – June 1


















From Seattle to Shanghai , the succulent, meaty Dungeness is the first choice of crab connoisseurs. Named after a small fishing village in Washington State, the Dungeness is caught throughout the Pacific Northwest, but the biggest, meatiest “Dungies” come from the deep, cold ocean waters off the Olympic Peninsula, where generations of Quinault fishermen have harvested them.

In the Dungeness fishery only male crabs with a minimum carapace size of 6 ¼ inches can be harvested, which ensures that the population remains at healthy levels.  All Quinault fishermen deliver their crab live to our dock, where we carefully pack them for immediate shipment to markets throughout North American and the Pacific Rim.

DungenessCrabPacific Harvest Seafood sells Dungeness Crab in several forms: Live Crab, Fresh Whole cooked Crab and Frozen Crab Sections.  Live Crabs are picked up right off the boats by buyers who distribute around the world. Fresh Whole Cooked Crabs are packed in 25 lb boxes Ocean Run sizing (80% 1.5 lb- 2lb) with usually a dozen crab per box. Frozen Sections are cleaned ½ crabs (legs and shoulders only) solider packed in 20 or 25 lb cases.





 Pacific Razor Clams

Siliqua patula 

Washington Coast Year round

Razor Clam
Although the Pacific razor clam is found from California to Alaska, only a handful of beaches have populations large enough to sustain commercial harvests of this unique, sweet-tasting clam.


Fortunately, the remote ocean beaches of the pristine Olympic Peninsula are ideal razor clam habitat, which gives Quinault Pride Seafoods exclusive commercial access to the largest single razor clam resource on the Pacific Coast.


And of all the razor clams harvested commercially, Quinault Pride razor clams are the most prized, because of their large size and their exceptionally sweet, white meat. Razors live near the surf line, which means they can only be harvested at extremely low tides. But at the times of year when live razor clams and fresh, shucked meats are not available, we offer our customers flash-frozen shucked meats in convenient vacuum-packed bags.














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