Our Fish

  • Dungeness Crab

    Dungeness Crab

    From Seattle to Shanghai , the succulent, meaty Dungeness is the first choice of crab connoisseurs. Named after a small fishing village in Washington State, the Dungeness is caught throughout the Pacific Northwest, but the…

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  • King Salmon

    June 15 – July 15 Western Alaska, Arctic Alaska Region September 15 – November 15 Washington Coast Traditionally, the Arctic region of Alaska produces some of the earliest King salmon…

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  • Coho Salmon

    Coho Salmon

    July 30 – September 5 Western Alaska, Arctic Alaska Region Coho salmon production starts in early August for the first Coho anywhere in Alaska, ending in early September. These are…

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  • Chum Salmon

    Chum Salmon

      June 12 – July 4 Central Alaska Fishing for chum salmon in Prince William Sound begins in early June, generally around the 12th of the month. Prince William Sound…

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